Full Grant Request Guidelines

If your Letter of Inquiry is approved, you will be invited to submit a full grant request. This should include:

1. Verification of tax exempt status.
2. Background/details of the community/group/individuals being impacted by the grant. The proposal should contain a discussion of the overall approach to the subject, issue, or problem, and a detailed description of the proposed activities. If the proposal involves collaboration with other individuals or organizations, those collaborators and their expected contributions to the project should be listed. 

  • Who will the project serve?
  • How many will the project serve? 
  • How will success be measured?

3. Specifics of the amount being requested, including:

  • What other sources of support does the proposer have in hand or has he/she applied for to support the project? If funds are being provided or requested from other sources, the proposal should list those sources, amounts and the current status of funding from each.
  • Is there a “matching” grant possibility, through another organization or the community?
  • Is the local community involved, through community fundraisers, providing labor, etc?

4. Budget, including:

  • Is oversight of the program managed by existing staff/volunteers?
  • A one-page summary of actual income and expenses for the past two years.
  • Audited financial statement, if available. If not, why not?

5. History/current status of the requesting organization, including:

  • Is the program established, and what have been a few past successes?
  • Include organizational mission statement and purpose, organizational qualifications, history of accomplishments, governance, area and population served, role or volunteers. 

6. Contact information for the person submitting the report.